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Make Adding, Deleting & Modifying Active Directory Accounts A Breeze


AD Infinitum is a network administrator's tool for creating and managing multiple user/computer/contact accounts on an Active Directory domain and for managing Windows disk quotas. AD Infinitum saves you time as it creates the accounts, generates passwords, sets account properties (including Terminal Server and Exchange properties), creates Exchange mailboxes, creates home folders, shares the home folder and sets permissions on the home folder. You can add a single user or hundreds at time to a Windows 2000, 2003 or 2008 Active Directory.

Adding accounts is simply a matter of filling in the properties for the objects you are creating. Because most of these properties are the same for each user, you can save the settings so that the next time you create users you only have to provide their personal details either manually or by importing them. When you need to add a different type of user you can just load/edit the appropriate settings.

We are a school system that requires student home folders and accounts for secondary students—approximately 2,100. As the elementary and middle school students move to their new school each year there are about 700 new folders and accounts that need to be created. I have tried Microsoft support tools (XCACLS and NTUSR) but nothing works like Ad Infinitum. It is effortless and the tech support superb. I heartily recommend it for anyone who needs to work with large number of users, home folders, and mail accounts.

David Strimple
Technology Specialist
N. Attleborough Public Schools


From time to time you may want to change the same property for a number of users to a particular value. This is easy to do using AD Infinitum and you can set properties for individual users, members of security groups or organizational units. Alternatively you can prepare a file containing the usernames and properties that you want to modify and import it into AD Infinitum.

Windows Disk Quotas can be managed with AD Infinitum. You can set default quotas on a drive, query a user's current quota and usage or set quotas for selected users and/or groups.

When the time comes to delete your accounts you can remove them one by one or many at a time. Just select the accounts to be deleted from the list of users and hit the delete button. Depending on the options you choose you can delete the account, profile and home folder for each user. AD Infinitum can also find stale user and computer accounts for you.

AD Infinitum comes with an additional utility program called PWUtil that can be used to generate the same passwords that are generated when user accounts are created. This is useful for help desks or administrators because it allows them to tell users what their default password is or to reset the password to its default value.

Check the list of features below, view some screen shots or download a trial version.


AD Infinitum includes the following features:


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Enables and sets properties for Exchange Mailboxes

Customer Comments


Last year I was given the task of changing the passwords of 4624 network accounts.  The changes could only be applied after 2:45pm (after our students went home) and needed to be done by 7:20am the next day.  The passwords were all unique and an export was also necessary after it was finished.  After an hour of trying to use a product that I already owned (and was quite expensive) I decided to look for a new one.  Eventually I stumbled on AD Infinitum and even in demo mode this product was able to complete my task.  The next morning my passwords were created and I got to keep my job.  I bought the product that afternoon and have used it ever since.  

-Dave, K-12 Network Administrator


I just wanted to let you know that your support for this product has been outstanding. The software was a life saver, as I was able to import 1200 students, set their passwords and you were able to help me modify over 80 teacher passwords from a cvs spread sheet.

Len Russo
Director of Technology
Red Bank Catholic High School



It’s been a few months now since we purchased AD Infinitum, and I couldn’t be happier!  We originally purchased the product to import 1600 new users into a 3600 user environment.  At 1:00pm today management came to me and said “We need 1000 new test accounts for a project; and we need them by 5:00pm”.  Needless to say, I would have been sunk without your program.  I would have to say that this is the best $195 our company has ever spent.  Most of the programs I found before yours charged on a per account basis, at $2 a user.  Thanks again for a wonderful program.

Jason Lorenz

NT Security
Affiliated Computer Services Inc. / The Scotts Company


We've been using Ad Infinitum for over a year now, and with over 10,000 objects in our Active Directory and over a thousand mailboxes, we couldn't administer efficiently without Ad Infinitum. It seamlessly ties into our Active Directory giving us an easy to use GUI to work with Now we don't have to rely on scripting when managing large numbers of objects. Their technical support is great and there when you need them. Thank you New Fawm!
David Parsons MCSE Beverly Hills Unified School District

I have been supporting Active Directory operations in Delphi Automotive Systems (EMEA) and there was a need to implement new infrastructure for more than 150 OUs. This implies more than 15k users objects need to be created. Such number of accounts cannot be created manually of course I looked for a tool that enables mass user accounts creation. There are many ADSI/WMI/VBS scripts available which allow to create users in Active Directory but usage of them is not very convenient. Therefore I searched the Web and got in contact with New FAWM Creations and trialled their AD Infinitum. The first feeling was quite impressive and the tool capability was presented to Corporate System Architects. Finally the tool was accepted and Delphi EMEA purchased a license for its domain.  Since that moment I'm using the tool quite heavily and this allows me to create huge number of accounts in "a minute". There is a standard form used for creation of new accounts. We call this as bulk request. Content of the form is then simply exported to Tab delimited file and imported to AD Infinitum.  Before we started using AD Infinitum our most time consuming job was to create users' shares on file servers. There were many mistakes committed when shares were created manually. Now with AD Infinitum there are no mistakes at all noticed. All works fine without the problem. Another issue was to update users' information in NTDS database. Despite we have HTTP site where each user can update the information itself sometimes global information must change i.e. telephone prefixes etc. This was our nightmare and AD Infinitum has helped us in these cases. With one click we are able to set properties globally for whole OU.  I've found out the tool as the most important one with administration of Active Directory. Simply without this tool large organizations could have huge problems with deploying right infrastructure. Therefore I strongly recommend AD Infinitum for all admins.
Wszebor Boksa MCSE

Other Comments...

Wow this is just what I need!!! How come I didn't find out about it except almost by accident? I definitely like this product!!

Really good product for user management.

Thank you...I think you guys have done a real good job with this piece of software, it has really helped us with creating accounts.

Thank you for your prompt assistance. Good to see someone who stands behind their products.

I am a Computer Systems Manager for a school in the UK – I have trialed your software for adding users to Active Directory and think it is excellent and for that I thank you.

We have downloaded your Ad Infinitum software for our school district and we LOVE it. You have a great product!!!

Thanks for your response. I have downloaded and been testing the evaluation copy, and so far am delighted.

LOVE THE PRODUCT... saved me weeks!

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