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Makes Eye Tracking Exercises More Fun!


If you've ever had to supervise a child who has been given eye tracking exercises then you have probably asked "Isn't there a better way?". Often the exercises are simply lines of letters (in different arrangements) on a page that the child has to recite while keeping their head still. Our experience has been that it is very difficult to keep a child motivated to do the exercises regularly.

Eye Trax is an attempt to make those exercises a little more interesting. Letters are displayed one by one across lines on the screen. The eye naturally wants to follow the movement on the screen. To encourage greater concentration you can score points by pressing the space bar when a smiley face appears in the line, but you have to be quick. Once the target score is reached the you are congratulated.

The speed at which the letters are displayed can be controlled so that people of different ages and abilities will still be able to reach their target for the session.

Supervision is still recommended to ensure that the head is kept still.

We've even had reports of children who just didn't want to do their eye tracking exercises asking to use Eye Trax!

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