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Plot Puzzle

Make revision of plays and novels challenging fun!

Plot Puzzle is a game where you are presented with nine tiles, each of which has part of the plot on it. Swap the positions of the tiles until they are in the correct order to win.
Test your knowledge of Dead Poet's Society, Shakespeare, The Wave, etc, or create your own puzzles.




This is a great way for students to revise the main points of a play or novel. Those who know the plot well have the challenge of solving each puzzle in the minimum number of moves.

Those who are not as familiar with the work can still have the satisfaction of solving the puzzle because after each move they are told how many tiles are correctly positioned.

Even if you've never read the book you can still learn all the main events and the order in which they occurred surprisingly quickly!

Purchase the enhanced version to create your own puzzles and print the tiles. With the tiles printed onto card and cut out, your students can play Plot Puzzle without a computer.

Download Plot Puzzle - including several ready to use puzzles.


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